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Cancer Research and Rehabilitation

For the last 10 years, 5Rhythms has been part of the rehabilitation program offered to cancer patients at Aarhus University Hospital in Aarhaus, Denmark. In collaboration with the Danish Cancer Association, 5Rhythms teachers Annette Uhlemann and Jan Redsted have also offered 5Rhythms introductions and workshops for cancer patients and their relatives, hospital personal and researchers.

In 2014, the scientific research unit of South Denmark invited Annette and Jan to start a scientific examination of the effect and experience of the 5Rhythms. This smaller pilot study on 5Rhythms was initiated on the basis of existing knowledge on the importance of the body-mind connection, which is often times overlooked within the traditional healthcare context.

Consequently, the aim of this study was to explore how patients with cancer describe their experience when participating in 5Rhythms. In collaboration with the Regional Hospital and Center for Scientific Research and Healthcare, they worked for 3 months with a group of 20 cancer patients of different ages and at different stages of illness. Participants were encouraged to write in a personal journal when they felt inspired to and after each individual dancing session. Included in each journal was a page of inspirational questions to evoke reflective thoughts and inspire note-taking. Two focus groups were performed during the 10 weeks using a semi-structured interview-guide with a few open-ended questions about bodily experiences, psyche, faith and existential matters.

In March 2017, Jan and Annette started a new scientific research in collaboration with the Regional Hospital and Center for Scientific Research and Healthcare in Vejle. For 2 months, 20 cancer patients and their relatives will participate in a weekly 2-hour 5Rhythms class. They were invited to write in a personal journal and participate in short-lived creative based data collection directly after the class.

These projects opened the door for other research projects and we are now planning ways to offer the 5Rhythms to hospital staff and Employees.



Professor undersøger om dans virker helbredende

Bliver kræftpatienter hurtigere raske, hvis de supplerer den ordinære behandling med dans?

Professor Jette Ammentorp bruger dans til at finde ind i et rum, som giver hende styrke og ro – for eksempel når hun skal tale til store konferencer.

Se video med Jette Ammentorp:

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Dans, krop og bevægelse
Kropslig dimension til forskningsplanen Helbredende Patientkommunikation omhandlende dans som rehabilitering indenfor kræftområdet med De 5Rytmer i samarbejde med 5Rhythms
® Teachers Annette Uhlemann og Jan Redsted

Link til Center for Patientkommunikation

Enhed for Sundhedstjenesteforskning  http://www.sygehuslillebaelt.dk/wm222319


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